Music for Everyone   

Singing and writing music that is designed to encourage and inspire, Charleigh desires to honor God with both her voice and her meaningful songs filled with hooks and memorable phrases.  People of all ages will find the message of Love in captivating, positive tunes useful for sharing the message of Hope with friends and family.

Born in Georgetown, SC, Charleigh began singing and songwriting at a very early age.  As a young child, she could be found sitting behind the piano in her family's living room singing and playing.  She also took part in her church children's choirs and even had a few solos.  As she grew older, she began to write down the music and play it for family and friends.  Charleigh eventually ended up playing the keyboard and singing each week in her church, where her Dad is a pastor.  It was during this time that songwriting began to play a major role in her life.  She gives all the glory to God for the gift of music that He has given her, and hopes to bless many with the message of Christ.